Wednesday, October 27, 2004

More interviews

Alas... I continue the interviewing. I figure the more interviews I go on the more chance I get a job I really want. At least more jobs sound more exciting lately... that or I lowered my standards to combat bordom. I have spent all week cooking halloween treats to keep me entertained. Liz and I have made a table full of treats and now we have to keep finding more people to come over and eat them. Anyone Hungry??? Another interview tomorrow.. this one sounds interesting.. well ... alot of them sound interesting until I actually get there and find out what the job is really about. We will see... Until then!

Thursday, October 21, 2004


What is there to do when you are unemployed and everyone else is working all day. I swear I have looked at every job site. I can only update my web page so many times. There are only so many people on IM to talk to. I NEED A JOB! I had a call today about a job in makeup. At least that is something I have done that I know will pay every couple weeks. That is a good thing!!! I could go to the gym.. Maybe I will. I think I have seen everything on tv too. I would typically use this time to sleep but seriously. Anytime I try to sleep I get like 10 phone calls. Not that I am complaining. At least it is someone to talk to! I await the time when the roomates get home from work and we all sit in the living room bored together. I could go out tongiht.. IT is a Thursday. But all my going out friends are gone. Mellisa is in Coast Guard Boot Camp, the other Melissa is Backpacking around Europe, Chontelle works early every morning, Liz and Court work early and then Lori and Julia are all the way down in KENT! Arg. I need some more friends :) Maybe I should just call the people I never talk to and start hanging out with them! OR!!! Better yet! I COULD FIND A JOB!!! That would be GRRRRRRRRREAT!!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Since when does Marketing = Sales?

Maybe I am mistaken but my idea of Marketing is not sales. To me, it is more product awareness. Granted an increase in product awareness leads to an increase in sales but lets be serious... they are completely different things. SO then how can someone advertise for a Marekting Manger when the job is really an outside Sales rep? DIFFERENT JOB TITLES! I go into this interview thinking I am applying for a marketing manager position. I get a second interview. I am thinking ok.. this might be a cool opportunity. They are talking about being the marketing Manager for companies like, UPS, and Qwest. WHAT A CROCK! It is outside sales reps promoting those companies. But to top it off... it is all cold calling! What is the point in that. When I think marketing I am thinking Campaigns and Advertisements and Product recognition... on a large scale. This is so grassroots... presentations... SALES. I suppose it is somewhat related but a gross exaggeration of what the position truely is!

Interviews like this make me not want to go on any mroe interviews. I get into job and it is nothing of what I expected. Wouldn't it be good if it worked the other direction and it was way better than you expected??? Not very often does that happen. Well... I await another interview... hopefully next time I will know what I am getting myself into!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Happy Birthday LIZ!

It's Liz's birthday today! For those of you who don't know... Liz is one of my roomates! We had fun! Went to dinner at Olive Garden and then to the RAM. It was good to see lots of people we haven't seen in a while like all the old roomates. That was fun.

I also had an interview today with Catalyst Corporate Solutions. They seem pretty cool. They staff management positions with their clients. They are adding new clients liek UPS,, and Quest and need Marketing Mangers. I guess they train you for 3-6 months and then put you into the position. They said typically is the company trains you for hte same position it takes 6-8 years and they put you into the same position in like 6 months so that almost sounds too good to be true. This interview only took about 10 min... kind of a primary interview to see if they want to spend more time on you. I have another interview tomorrow from 3-6 where I guess I am shadowing someone who does the job. They want to see how you relate with people I guess. They said they can learn so much more this way than sitting down and talking to you for an hour. I completely agree. SO that is fun. Everyting there is business professional tho. I hate having to get that dressed up. I like it to be an option rather than a necessity. But I guess that is the working world. I just look forward to getting a job that I like and that will entertain me!!!

Anyways.. that was my day. I should go make liz some more cupcakes for her birthday! BUBYE!

Monday, October 18, 2004

My Life in a nutshell... On the Job hunt!

What's UP??? So I am still looking for a job. I think I am just picky. I do not want to settle on a part time gig and get comfortable. I am looking for that full time job where I can stay there for a while. I hate moving around and training is always the worst part of getting a new job. I like jobs where I already know a lot about what I am doing so I can go in and get right to work. That makes life a lot easier. But if I keep doing the same thing and not learning anything new... that doesn't help much either. There has to be a happy medium. I don't know how I will do if I have to sit behind a desk for 8 hours a day. Will I go nuts??? I guess I will just have to see.

What else is new in my life??? I went and played Bingo with My bro tonight... neither of us really won. I won 25$ but that wasn't much. It was a 100$ prize that I shared with 4 people. Would have been better if I won on my own.
Liz's Birthday is Tuesday. Gotta gifure out what to do. She wants to go to Olive Garden so we will likely do that.

I need some more job interviews. I am getting bored quick. I just need to start some kinda job. I would love a job that lets me travel. Everyone says that traveling for work is no fun, but I have taken work trips and I always make them fun. I guess when you do it all the time it gets old. I just love meeting new people and I think that is the most entertaining part of it.

I need to figure out what else I can add to this web page. Joe said I should not label it My Blogs but My Blog instead. I guess Blog is short for Web Log and that already implies multiple entries. Maybe I will change that. That might entertain me for like 2 minutes. There has to be more things I can add to this to make it more entertaining. I wish I had a DAT player then I could upload and edit the rest of my celeb itnerviews. That would be fun. But I don't. So that is out... Hmmm... Anyone have anything they would like to see on my site??? Let me know! I would be happy to oblige!

Maybe I will go apply to more jobs. And the hunt continues!

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Let's Talk Politics

Ok... Let me start by saying I am not a big Bush fan... but then again... Bush fans are few and far between. With that being said... and knowing the world does not posess a ton of Bush fans, why did the democrats nominate Kerry??? Is he the best we got? How bout my theory. The democrats are looking further into the furure than this 2004 election. I think they are looking more toward the 2008 election. Figuring as of now they ahve no one who could last 2 terms, they look at who might be ready in 2008 to run and sustain for 2 terms. What name comes to mind??? Hilary Clinton. Heres the theory. If a democrat were to get elected, and the democratic party is preparing hilary to be the first woman president, she would not be able to run in 2008. She would not be able to run until 2012. But... since there is no one who could take 2 terms now as a democrat. A republican would be running in 2012 who was an incumbant and then that pushes Hilary off to 2016 and that is just too far off for the democratic hopeful. SOOOOOO.... instead... they forgo the 2004 elections by putting in a rag like Kerry who they know is about equal to Bush so why not let Bush fix what he started. Then in 2008, Hilary Clinton and cun without running against an incumbant because there will be a fresh republican and a fresh democrat running. This wouldgive Hilary the best odds of winning the Presidency for hte Democrats. If the Democrat were elected in 2004, they would again run in 2008. If he lost in 2008 to a Republican it would all be over. If he were to take two terms unlikely... Hilary could have a chance to run in 2012. Thats my theory. Anyone need a flow chart to understand my reasoning? I would be happy to provide!!!

The dramas of Job Interviews

Had an interview this morning... I thought it would take a while but thankfully it was a short one. Don't you hate it when you are sitting in an interview and all they are doing is staring at you... As if you want me to start the interview??? I don't get it. And the akward silence when they ask you a question. You never know when you are done answering it because they just sit there and look at you. Knowing me... I just keep talking until they finally but in. Then they stop and stare for a little while more... DO I HAVE SOMETHING IN MY TEETH??? I don't know? It is just as bad when they ask you what your strengths and weaknesses are... Like I would really tell you a weakness even if I could think of one. HI, my weakness is I hate getting up in the morning. Does that mean I will be late for work... NO... it means I dread getting out of my warm bed. I might show up without makeup one day because I decided to sleep for another 10 min. Ok... I am done ranting. I really need a job. I can't handle more interviews where they ask the same questions. I can only make myself sound like Superwoman so many times!

How cool are blogs?

It is almost 4 am and I finally got my blogs up and running! I did it all by myself too which makes me the most proud! I now feel the need to spiff up my blog bio so it is even sweeter! I am soo excited! My brother will be so impressed that I did this all on my own! Big thanks to Jeff for directing me to the Blogger site! It is way fun! I betterget some sleep soon! Got a job interview tomorrow! Soo many interviews... so little time! SWEET DREAMS!

New Website Up and Running!

Well I have just reformatted my whole website so it is user friendly. Welcome! I hope you like it as much as I do! Be sure to e-mail me if you have any suggestions! I always love to hear constructive criticism!