Sunday, November 28, 2004

The World of Fees!

Why do some places charge everytime you use your debit card? I can understand they get charged by the company... BUT I also know no processing company charges 39 cents per transaction for credit purchases. Especially if it is VIsa and Mastercard... they are cheaper to process than Discover and American Express because they are bigger companies. Small businesses get charged between 9 and 15 cents per transaction and bigger businesses get charged much less... maybe 3 cents per transaction. SO tell me how companies as big as McDonalds and Taco Bell can charge between 39 and 59 cents per transaction? THATS HIGHWAY ROBBERY!!! They not only are letting you use the service they already offer, but they are then making money off the deal. I understand that the machine to process the cards costs money too... but for companies as big as these... that will be paid off in one days worth transactions.

This is just fast food... How about gas stations!

I went to a gas station that posted a price of $1.89 a gallon. I was thinking... WHAT A GREAT DEAL! (I remember when gas was $0.99 a gallon bt that is a whole nother blog) Anyways, I went to the pump and put my card in and then looked at the price and it said $1.95 a gallon. I was like WHAT THE HELL! It says $1.89 on the sign! Then I look at the small print. THAT IS A CASH ONLY PRICE! WHAT THE HELL!!! If I use my credit card they can charge me that much more a gallon? Like the price of the credit transaction directly effects their processing fee? I DON'T THINK SO! I hate fees that don't make sense. How funny is it that if the fee is justified I have no problem paying it. It is these damn hidden fees and the unneccessary fees that kill me.

We are in an initiative state. WHERE is the initiative that regulates fees on credit/debit transactions???

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Parking Downtown Seattle Afterhours

OK.. I often go downtown after 6pm and can never figure out if I can park in some places. I know you can park in any meters after 6pm but what about those loading zones that are yellow and say loading 6am-6pm and below the yellow part it says TOW AWAY ZONE. How confising can they be. Does that mean between 6am and 6pm I can be towed if I park there or does it mean I will be towed anytime, expecially between 6am and 6pm. Worry no more! I found the definition on the City of Seattle Website with the sign definitions! Check it out! We can be the informed few who park closer to where we are going!!!

Load Zones
Generic Load/Unload Passenger Load/UnloadTruck-only Commercial Vehicle Load ZoneHow to License Your Vehicle as a Truck
A load zone is a type of curb use that restricts a portion of the curb for loading and unloading activities. It is second in the prioritization of
curb use in Seattle. Seattle uses four distinct types of load zones which are described below along with their curb colors. Some load zones are metered and some are not. Some load zones are in effect only for certain hours (such as 7 a.m. - 6 p.m.) while others have no hours posted and are in effect 24 hours a day. The sign for each load zone will have specific information for that load zone posted. Seattle also designates Bus Zones, which are indicated by an alternating red and yellow curb.Loading and unloading activities are not the same as parking, and load zones should not be used for parking. Using a load zone for anything other than it's intended purpose can result in a fine. Some load zones are also Tow-Away Zones when not being used for loading and unloading activities.In addition to the load zones described below, the City also designates curb space for bus zones and taxi zones. Businesses interested in possibly locating a load zone adjacent to their place of operation may call (206) 684-ROAD (7623). A Temporary No Parking Zone can be requested for uses such as allowing a moving van to park adjacent to a building for loading or unloading activities by calling (206) 386-9012.

Generic Load ZoneTime limit: 30 minutes (unmetered)Sign Wording: "Load and Unload Only"Curb Color: YellowPurpose: To be used for several types of loading and unloading activities, including dropping off or picking up passengers, loading or unloading items from private vehicles (such as personal or company cars or trucks), and loading or unloading from items from commercial delivery vehicles.
Top of Page

Passenger Load ZoneTime Limit: 3 minutes or 15 minutes (may be metered)Sign Wording: "3 Minute Passenger Load and Unload Only"Curb Color: WhitePurpose: To provide a place to load and unload passengers for adjacent dwellings and businesses. These are intended for quick passenger drop-offs and pick-ups, and should not be used for loading or unloading items from a vehicle.
Top of Page

Truck-Only Load ZoneTime Limit: 30 minutes (unmetered)Sign Wording: "Truck-Only Load Zone"Curb Color: YellowPurpose: The purpose of this load zone is to provide a place to load or unload products, merchandise, or other objects. Only vehicles licensed as trucks may use this type of load zone. See How to License Your Vehicle as a Truck for more information.
Top of Page

Commercial Vehicle Load ZoneTime Limit: 30 minutes (metered)Sign Wording: "Commercial or Permit Vehicle Load Only"Curb Color: YellowPurpose: Commercial Vehicle Load Zones (CVLZ) are for commercial service delivery vehicles to conduct loading and unloading activities (such as trucks that deliver or pick up beverages, food supplies, large merchandise, etc.). Regular Truck-Only Load Zones do not adequately meet the needs of these vehicles. A Commercial Vehicle Permit is required to use a CVLZ. For information on Commercial Vehicle Load Zones or Permits, call (206) 684-5086.

Washington Laws you may not know!

Did you know it is illegal to drive over a fire hose???

RCW 46.61.640Crossing fire hose.
No vehicle shall be driven over any unprotected hose of a fire department when laid down on any street, or private driveway, to be used at any fire or alarm of fire, without the consent of the fire department official in command.

Did you know it is reckless driving if you have your arm around someone while you are driving?

RCW 46.61.665Embracing another while driving.
It shall be unlawful for any person to operate a motor vehicle upon the highways of this state when such person has in his or her embrace another person which prevents the free and unhampered operation of such vehicle. Operation of a motor vehicle in violation of this section is prima facie evidence of reckless driving.

Did you know it is illegal to carry an animal on the outside of your car unless it is in a proper harness? I guess this law allows me to create a harness and strap my dog to the front bumper of my car as long as he is belted in tight. This could be funny. Can you imagine people with live dogs harnessed to the front bumpers of their cars as dashboard ornaments???

RCW 46.61.660Carrying persons or animals on outside part of vehicle.
It shall be unlawful for any person to transport any living animal on the running board, fenders, hood, or other outside part of any vehicle unless suitable harness, cage or enclosure be provided and so attached as to protect such animal from falling or being thrown therefrom. It shall be unlawful for any person to transport any persons upon the running board, fenders, hood or other outside part of any vehicle, except that this provision shall not apply to authorized emergency vehicles or to solid waste collection vehicles that are engaged in collecting solid waste or recyclables on route at speeds of twenty miles per hour or less.

Did you know it is NOT illegal to operate a bike under the influence??? Give it up for drunk bike riding!!!

RCW 46.61.790Intoxicated bicyclists.
(1) A law enforcement officer may offer to transport a bicycle rider who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or any drug and who is walking or moving along or within the right of way of a public roadway, unless the bicycle rider is to be taken into protective custody under RCW
70.96A.120. The law enforcement officer offering to transport an intoxicated bicycle rider under this section shall: (a) Transport the intoxicated bicycle rider to a safe place; or (b) Release the intoxicated bicycle rider to a competent person. (2) The law enforcement officer shall not provide the assistance offered if the bicycle rider refuses to accept it. No suit or action may be commenced or prosecuted against the law enforcement officer, law enforcement agency, the state of Washington, or any political subdivision of the state for any act resulting from the refusal of the bicycle rider to accept this assistance. (3) The law enforcement officer may impound the bicycle operated by an intoxicated bicycle rider if the officer determines that impoundment is necessary to reduce a threat to public safety, and there are no reasonable alternatives to impoundment. The bicyclist will be given a written notice of when and where the impounded bicycle may be reclaimed. The bicycle may be reclaimed by the bicycle rider when the bicycle rider no longer appears to be intoxicated, or by an individual who can establish ownership of the bicycle. The bicycle must be returned without payment of a fee. If the bicycle is not reclaimed within thirty days, it will be subject to sale or disposal consistent with agency procedures.
[2000 c 85 § 4.]

Good things to think about I guess!

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The Thanksgiving Turkey

While I was trying to find something to blog about I asked Joe for any ideas and he said to write about turkeys so here goes.

Every Thanksgiving the President pardons a turkey. Why? Does saving one turkey make it ok for all the others to die? And what happens with the pardoned turkeys once they die of natural causes. Do they then get eaten? Does anyone really want to eat an old wrinkley turkey anyways?

Why are Thanksgiving Turkeys named Tom? Is it really healthy to name a dead bird? Once someone names a live turkey Tom is it then destin to be eaten? It is like Phoebe on friends with Christmas trees forfilling their Christmas destiny. Maybe any turkey named Tom needs to fulfill its Thanksgiving destiny of being eaten. How much would it suck for your destiny to be eaten on Thanksgiving. Back to the point. WHY TOM? Why not Oprah? (As Joe would ask) Do they name the pardoned turkey? If so, who gets to name it? On the West Wing CJ got to pardon a turkey. I don't remember if she named it or not. I want to name my turkey something that isn't fun. Then I will not feel bad eating it. Like Homer. No one would feel bad saying pass the Homer. If it were Isabelle it might be a little worse. Im hungry... put some Isabelle on my plate. That just doesn't work.

How bout the funniest Thanksgiving moment on TV? I think it would have to be on Friends when Monica has the Turkey on her head trying to make Joey laugh. I wonder if anyone has tried that since the airing of Friends? I would bet some money on the fact they have.

How about Thanksgiving traditions? My family all gets together and before dinner we don't watch football like most families. Instead we play Bingo and the newest thing... Poker... Texas hold'm to be precise. This is because we found one year everyone wassitting around hte TV watching the World Poker Tour and we realized everyone was a fan of the show so we brought the game to life. Gotta love the holidays!

Anyways... I need another blog topic... Any suggestions???

Monday, November 22, 2004

Home Alone... Like he could really pull that off!

Last night Court and I found Home Alone on TV and decided to relive our childhood movie loves and watch. Have you ever gone back and watched movies you thought were so cool when you were younger and are now thinking there is no way that could have really happened? Let's think about Home Alone. I noticed some things you might not have realized.

1. The robbers say they are coming at 9pm to rob the house. Kevin is at the church at 8pm but still has time to make it home, draw a colorful battle plan, execute teh battle plan, and make himself a nutritious macaroni and cheese dinner! I THINK NOT!

2. Part of his battle plan involves him icing the steps... in real life would the water really have frozen into ice in less than an hour? I doubt it. And how cold would it actually have to be for this to happen??? Much colder than freezing I assume!

3. When Kevin tars the inside basement stairs, he does it from top to bottom. This would be ok because he could go around the house outside, but he already iced the stairs so how did he get out of the basement??? We didn't see Kevin falling now did we!

4. He sets most all of his traps and then sets the rope to the treehouse. How does kevin get back into the hosue without tripping his traps or falling in the ice??? I think the order of events needs to be adjusted!

5. He is in 2nd grade and he knows where the blow-torch is and how to use it? What??? Has be been watching a lot of Macgyver or something??? I highly doubt the kid is that creative and smart!

6. With all that mess how did the house get cleaned up? I always thought the neighbor guy did it but now I am not so sure. Last time I checked this wasn't the story about the magic elves.

Anyways.. Just thought I would give you some water cooler talk for the day!

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Who needs a Cyber pet???

Remember when the cool thing was a tamagochi or a cyber pet of some sort? Who needs one now? We have cell phones that have more to play with than anything else, PDAs that will do almost as much as a lap top and if not, we can take our laptop with us anywhere and using wireless internet, we can do it all! Who even needs a dog anymore? We can take our laptop anywhere and play with it. Just wait until wireless internet is everywhere so you can jsut stay logged on as you drive down the street. It will make so many things obselete! No more onstar. Who needs it when your laptop can provide it? Who needs games? We can play them with people online on our computer! Though this will make a world lacking in social interaction... isn't that how it is? The world will turn into cyberspace.. Kinda like the matrix! LOL I really had a point when I was starting to write this and I seem to have lost it somewhere in the midst of my rambling. I digress. Time for a new blog.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Holiday Commercials

Now I am a huge fan of creative commercials. Especially ones that involve music and stuff like that. BUT... These new Old Navy commercials have got to stop! The ones where there are a group of kids in the supermarket is SOOOO BAD! If I were in that supermarket produce section with them I would start throwing tomatoes! SOOO AWFUL AND NOT EVEN FUNNY! MAKE IT STOP!!!

On a side note... The gap commercials are quite entertaining and the new one has my man JOSH DUHAMEL in it with Sara Jessica Parker. HE is so hot! He is cheating on me now tho with Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas... TRAMP! She doesn't realize he is my man. I mean we did take pictures together and everything! LOL

How about the new Pepsi SPICE??? I keep seeing commercials for it but havent seen it in the stores. WHO WOULD WANT SPICE IN THEIR PEPSI??? That sounds worse than the Turkey flavored Jones Soda that came out last year. Tasted like gravy soda! YUCK! At what point do novelties go too far??? Who out there is still going to buy a Pepsi Spice even though they know they are going to hate it? I probably will... WHAT AN IRONY.

How 'bout Target? I think their holiday commercials are pretty fun. They play Jingle Bells in two different beats while promoting products with a certain theme. Pretty entertaining. I think I like most of their commercials in general too.

Anyone else out there have any comments on commercials playing now???

Thursday, November 18, 2004

The West Wing: A Coincidence? I think not!

I dedicate this passage to my bro JOE and his love for the WEST WING!

Maybe I am just oblivious or maybe I am just not intune with the history of the United States. You can pick whichever one you favor. Again, I think I have my most random thoughts and random theories late at night... Like 3am as in tonight. I know I write these random posts often and I usually like to let you know my train of thought up to the point where I make my thought. I was looking for things on tv and I came across The Scarlett Letter on Encore or some channel like that. I am bored and I don't believe I have seen it since I was in high school so I deciede to watch it. I never realized Demi Moore was in it but I guess that is beside the point of my whole story. As I am watching I find myself making fun of their fake accents and mimicing them. (I do realize I am a dork and you do not have to remind me of it.) Somehow my random brain thinks I need a new challenge so why don't I memorize something that I can speak with in such a accent. In my head this is just an old english accent so I think hmm... I already know the preamble to the constitution, what about the Gettysburg Address. That would be useful to quote! (RIGHT... next time I find myself at a civil war dinner party or on Jeopardy... whichever comes first.) I look up the Gettysburg address then I think what else could be similar... how about the Declaration of Independence. I know you are all wondering when the West Wing is coming into this... Gimme a minute. I find the declaration of independence online and am scrolling through it when at the bottom I see the names of everyone who signed the Declaration of Independence and I recognize a name. (YES, I did recognize other than one name! Don't make fun of me!) One of the people signing representing New Hampshire was Josiah Bartlett. I am seeing this... Josiah Bartlett! Thats the president on the WEST WING! A Coincidence??? I think not! Now I am just getting into the West Wing but if I am not mistaken, didn't he come from New Hampshire also? Here is another thing to ponder... Am I the only person who did not realize the significance of his name???

After this grand assumption I find myself looking at the names of others who signed the Declaration of Independence... maybe you might recognize them!

Samuel Adams - Thats some good BEER!
John Hancock - Where do you want me to put mine?
Benjamin Franklin - OK... no pun but we just all know who he is!
Thomas Jefferson - We all know him too!

OK.. those are the main ones I recognize.. I am most shocked by the WEST WING name and THE BEER! I don't think I realized the origin of either name! Please tell me I am not the only one!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

More things to think about...

1. Why do drug commercials on TV never tell you what the drug is actually for? Like if you knew what the drug was for you would not want to take it? Wouldn't the best way to sell the drug be to tell people what it was for so anyone who had that condition could look into it? I do not understand some advertising like that. Somehow once you take the drug you then get to ride a bike and frolic in a forest. Maybe someone can enlighten me.

2. Why don't people on tv ever need to use the bathroom? Moreso now will someone once in a while have to pee, but in general, no one ever does. THIS IS NOT THE REAL WORLD! The only time they show people on tv needing to pee the scene includes guys standing at the urinal. WHY IS THIS??? I want to see people having a conversation then one person leaves to pee and comes back. THAT IS REAL LIFE. OR-- Why do people on tv never get solicitation calls? We all get people trying to get money for something or sell something at weird times, why are TV shows exempt from this lovely feature?

3. Why is it that the only part of your body that never stops growing is your ears and nose? When we are older do we find a need to smell more? WHAT IS THAT ABOUT? I could understand if it made you hear better having a bigger ear but most old people can't hear as well so what is the point of your ears still growing??? I bet we will never know.

More things to wonder about...

Joe was asking why on CSI so they always use flashlights when they are going through a crime scene? Why can't you jsut turn on the lights? Then I thought about it. In most crime scenes people tend to use flashlights rather than turn on the lights. Why is this?

1. Maybe they are using luminol to look for blood and it can only be seen in the dark and it is easier to turn off a flashlight than a light.

2. Maybe they haven't dusted the light switch for fingerprints yet and do not want to destroy evidence.

3. Maybe the murder was committed in the dark and they want to see what the perp saw.

All are nice theories but still wouldn't it be easier to just turn on the lights???

Sunday, November 14, 2004


Who's going to go with me??? I am so excited to start the season! I need to practice some more tho! By mid-season I should make it off the bunny slope LOL!!!! If anyone wants to carpool we be down for going anytime!!!

Why does it always take two???

Why is it when you try to open a jar you can never do it but when someone else asks you to help them it is no problem??? Once you hand the jar off it suddenly releases the power to open! WHAT IS THAT ABOUT??? Then again.. it only works when other people are around. When you are alone you can open any jar! Having someone else in the room makes a jar harder to open. I think it is a secret bottling conspiracy!

Monday, November 08, 2004


I was wondering why no one ever left me comments. Then I went and tried to leave myself a comment and found out that it didn't work!!! No worries friends! ALL FIXED! Now you can leave me all the comments you want! I'M WAITING!!!

What is going on today???

I think Yee Ning and Liz and I are going to the gym tonight. They have a few classes too but I don't know if we would survive a Cardio Kickbox class. I think we would die. I can just picture us sneaking out in the middle of the class and never going back again LOL. Joe wants to play pinnochle online tonight too so I might so that. Sure sounds like an eventful evening. 7th Heaven is on TV too. . I am working on my 7th heaven-isms. They always have one cheesy line on the show -- Well maybe more than one. I am starting a list.

1. Ruthy says to her mom. "I don't have a box or wrapping paper or ribbon, but I love you" -- GAG ME!

2. Chandler's Foster son sniffs the air and says "(sniff sniff) You smell that? (sniff sniff) " Chandler says "no what?" Then the kid says "Smells like chicken! Bawk bawk bawk bawk!!! CHICKEN!"

3. Lucy gave a sermon at her church and said "What happened to our Sundays?" about 100 times. So now our quote is "What happened to our Sundays!"

BUMMER! It isn't on tonight cause the Lord of the Rings is on instead. I guess that blows trying to get another ism!



I have to say first of all... I really don't care that Bush was re-elected. I do care that people are willing to leave the United States just because they did not like the election results. It's a democracy! We all get a vote! What more do you want??? UTOPIA????? Obviously we all think for some reason Bush deserves to be president again so we need to suck it up for four more years.

Here's the THEORY!!!

OK... this still needs some research.. but.. instead of moving to canada to protest the president... why don't we do something about it to make sure it does nto happen again! Before the next election, democrats can move into the strictly republican states that are smaller in number or more borderlined and register to vote in those states to make their vote count more. After my research here is what I have found...

1. You only need to live in a state for 30 days prior to an election.

This means you can move to a state 30 days before the next presidential election in 2008 and register with proof of residency and a photo ID and then vote in the election. After that you can move back to your home state. Throretically, you would not even have to transfer your drivers license. This only has to be done after living in a state for 30 days (I believe). Proof of residency could be a lease signed at an apartment building.

Here is the way I see it. For the democratic party to have taken over, Kerry would have had to win at the least 17 more electoral votes, possibly New Mexico, Iowa and Nevada. In these states Bush won by the least margin. Lets look at the states one by one.

1. New Mexico - With 5 electoral votes, Bush won by about 9,000 votes.
2. Nevada - With 5 electoral votes, Bush won by about 20,000 votes
3. Iowa - With 7 electoral votes, Bush won by about 10,000 votes

States like California and New York have an excess of democratic voters so here is what we do. People who live in New York and California can move to states like New Mexico, Nevada, and Iowa and register to vote in these states and swing the election. After the 30 days is the election and then they can move back to their home states. IS THIS LEGAL??? I have no idea... but it is a good theory!


Instead of spending so much money just on advertisements, the democratic party can offer scholorships to students in California and New york to attend schools in Iowa, New Mexico, and Nevada. The students could then vote legally in these states. Since they are sponsored by the democratic party, they would likely vote for their side.

Take money from advertising and pay for people from California and New York to spend a month in an apartment in these other states and transfer their voter registration to these states... I guess that brings new meaning to buying the vote. They can say it is for an archeological dig or something like that.

Sometimes I wonder if I am the only person to this up these weird scenerios. It is entertaining me now at least tho.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Still no job... This is getting old

Well.. Another week without a job. Now some places I am interviewing with say they are not hiring until JAN 1. I am like JAN 1?? I will go crazy by then. I can go get a temp christmas job but I see mto have 3 or 4 inteviews a week and if I get a temp job how will I go on all these interviews??? I am finding a lot more postings lately so that is at least good. I know other people who are still having trouble ... more trouble than I. At least I am getting the interviews. Either way... Thats the story of my life. I must find something new to rand about to keep you all on your toes. Gimme time.. I promise to be interesting!

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Another random thought about politics and the world...

Over the last few days I have seen a lot of episodes of law and order and the west wing and stuff like that. This thought was mostly from flipping back and forth between Law and Order SVU and The American President... both on tv at the same time. If you have seen The American President you know that the end of the show deals with trying to pass two different bills through congress... gun legislation and a fosil fuels package and in the end he chooses to throw out the gun legislation because it didn't address the issues with hand guns. At the same time, SVU has a case that comes down to ballistics to match a gun and bullet to a case. Here's where I start thinking.... In many cases now, people are convicted because of things like ballistics matching a bullet in abody to a gun then the gun to the owner by registration. BUT... they have to have the gun before they can match the bullet from the person to the gun and in many cases, the gun gets thrown out or in a lake or something and nothing can be done to prove the bullet came from the gun. Here's how it works... (I think I have seen this too many times on TV) To match a bullet to a gun the forensics lab shoots the gun into a tank of water and compares the striations on the bullet from the tank to the striations on the bullet from the body. Aparently, these striations are like fingerprints and are unique to each gun. Here is where I come up with my theory. Why don't we have sample bullets on file from every gun that is sold. These bullets can be on file in a computer or in the "National Bullet Bank" (you like that ?) THEN, when we have someone shot and pull the bullet out, we can put it into a computer and see who owns the gun that it was shot from... like the national fingerprint registry. This would help many cases get solved if we made it mandatory that anyone with a registered hand gun bring their gun in to have a sample bullet shot and we could from this point on have a file. WHAT A BRILLIANT IDEA!!!! Even if the gun was a street gun or a stolen gun, we would have a better idea of where it was from by tracing hte path back. What do you think? Does this make sense to anyone else??? Maybe it is jsut another one of my weird ideas to solve the worlds problems with a simple solution. Maybe I should go talk to Bush and let him know my plan to help solve murders and help fight the hand gun problems.

So Bush is still the President...

After spending all day yesterday watching the nations votes come in... not much changed. On one channel they kept saying "the nation wanted change but after this election we can see I guess the nation really did not want as much change as they thought". WELL!!! Like we really had any good choices??? We had Kerry and Bush... both of which are dumb asses. If we had a good option for a president then Bush would have been gone... however, no such luck. I guess this means my Hilary plan is moving forward. The democrats are going to put all their money into her to run in 2008... I am betting. The question is who will end up running with her??? Anyways.. there is a lot of time to think about that and a lot of time for Bush to either fix his mess or make it worse. We will have to see what happens. Too much power for his own good. Lots of republicans in power too... Aren't they still running the house too??? At least the West Wing is still on making light of everything in the White House. Gotta love it. CJ is going to be the cheif of staff. Half of you do not realize I started talking about a tv show rather than real life. Oh well!