Monday, December 27, 2004


FINALLY!!! Thats all I have to say.. KIDDING!!!

I did get the chance to go snowboarding yesterday at Crystal Mountain. I had never been to crystal before and was not as impressed as I thought I would be. I think it was just because there was not as much snow as I thought, but at least I got to go right??? It was good. I went with Yee Ning and Breia and her friend Alexis. Breia had gone a few times before, Yee Ning Once, and Alexis had never been so it was fun. We alltook a beginner class because it was the same price as jsut a lift ticket.

It all came back. I was having so much fun. The beginner run at crystal is jsut that.. beginner. After a few runs I was ready for more. This sunday the plan is to go to Stevens. THEY JUST ANNOUNCED THEY ARE OPENING TUESDAY!!! I am excited!!! If anyone wants to come with hit me up! I think we have a bunch of people rarin to go! advantage cards are available at Costco for 2 for 89$ That gives you your first ticket free and every one after that at a discount. GOOD DEAL. Same price asyour first ticket so I fully suggest you get some!

I will have Pics up soon from my NEW DIGITAL CAMERA!!!

I love it! WE didnt take pics onthe slopes cause we forgot the cameras in the car! Sunday we will make sure to take slope pics tho!!! WHOS COMING???

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

So much to say... This will be a long one!

I have been told I have been slacking in my blogging. I guess that means I have a lot to carch up on. With work I have not had the beautiful 3am thoughts that I usually have but it was a long weekend so let me start there.


What's up with this weather. We finally get blessed with snow all last week. By Thursday the passes had 30+ inches of Fresh powder and I was ready and waiting to get out on the slopes. I made all these plans to go to Stevens on Sat... then on Thursday, Stevens announces they will not open until Sunday. I thought that really sucked.. but there is Always Snoqualmie! Then Friday Snoqualmie decieded to close too because of what is now being called THE PINEAPPLE EXPRESS. IT rained 5 inches and melted all the beautiful snow. WHAT THE HELL!

We finally get this great snow and then it goes and melts. Needless to say.. my weekend packed with snowboarding did not happen.

Instead I went to the mall and windowshopped. SOOO MANY PEOPLE. I hope the economy is benefiting from this because I have worked at a mall for the last 3 christmas's and I have never seen so many people shopping. IT IS CRAZY! And things are not as cheap as they should be. I remember getting great deals at Christmas time but this year I am not seeing any steals. WHATS UP WITH THAT... Maybe it is just becuase I am lacking in that great MALL DISCOUNT I so loved. There is still time. I get paid on Friday.. we will see if I can find any super deals!

SUNDAY.. I went to Portland for the day with my friends to visit some friends from high school. We decided since we were in Portland, we would check out the mall and see if we could find any more deals. Sadly... even without tax.. things were too expensive and there was no one I was really shopping for. I did however find one shirt to get for a gift. Listen to this...

STUPID RETAIL PEOPLE!!! I can say that because I used to be one of them. I bought this shirt. Nothing special.. simple shirt. I take it back to my friends house and deciede I should get it in another size. So I run back to the mall to exchange it while I was in Portland because this store was not in Seattle. I assume I will have to fill out a form or something for an exchange.. no big deal. So the lady exchanges it for me and asks for my ID. I say "My address is different so let me jsut tell it to you when you are ready." After taking 5 min to write my name on her form she is finally ready to take my address. I wasnt too pissed yet because i had a Washington Id in Oregon so I will give her the benefit of the doubt even though the name is clearly printed on the ID. So she asks for the address. I start with my street... "blah blah blah... 65th Ave NE, Seattle" Mind you I am watching her write this... She starts writing seattle on the street line of her form. She writes the S then stops... thinks.. and asks... "Seattle? How do you spell Seattle?" In a condicending Amy tone I say... "S-E-A-T-T-L-E" SHe goes on and says... ok... "What City?" I WAS LIKE WHAT??? SEATTLE IS THE CITY>.... SEATTLE WASHINGTON!!!! What the hell! I am not from Portland but I know how to spell PORTLAND and I know it is located in OREGON... Freaking stupid HOLIDAY HELP!

OK... I had to vent. THat was my long LONG weekend. I hope I do not run into any more stupid retail people before the holiday is over... PLEASE SPARE ME!!!

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, LET IT SNOW!!!

FINALLY!! It is snowing in the mountains! You know what that means? I GET TO GO SNOWBOARDING! I know I have been talking about this since like JUNE... but now I finally get to go. Lets hope I remember how it is done!


Stevens has had about 24" since Monday but they still have not announced if they will be open on Sat.

Snoqualmie has had 20" since Monday and still has not announced that it will beopen on Sat either.

CRYSTAL has had 24" of snow and WILL BE OPEN ON SAT!!!! WHOO HOO!!!

You know that now that Crystal mountain has announced that they all will be open! Now I must make an Ode to Snowboarding!

Oh the Weather outside is Frightful,
But snowboarding is so Delightful.
And since I don't work let's go!
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!
Well it doesn't show signs of stoppin',
And I gear I will be rockin'
Got my board all waxed and you know,
I wanna go, I wanna go, I wanna go!
When it finally opens up
I will jump in the car and head up
To the pass and I'll strap my board on
I'll be crusin down the slopes until DAWN!
Well... The reports say the passes might open
And My toes, they aren't yet frozen,
Snowboards in my dreams don't you know
That is my ode to Snowboarding... Anyone else wanna come out this Sat and rejoice in the first day the pass will be open? SHARE MY EXCITEMENT! I'm glad it's snowing on my parade!!!

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

I'm still around...

It's been a few days since my last blog. I keep trying to think up new theories and insiteful comments to blog about but I am running dry. I have been busy with working.. YES, I finally got a job. I could tell you all about Web Optimization now and Pay-Per-Click advertising.. But I don't think I need to occupy my blog with that.

Tonight is Chaunakah so for anyone out there... HAPPY CHAUNAKAH! I think I spelled that right.. I had to look it up :)

Sad to say my life has gotten boring. I KNOW! Amy's life boring? THAT CAN"T BE! But it seems all I do is go to work and then come home and sometimes go to the gym and then sleep. I think I go to the gym for interaction. Our office at work only has about 5 people in it at any given time. The gym is always busy so I can find people to talk to. Thats at least good. Hmmm.... Im boring right now.. I should be sleeping... but I am so not tired.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

New Theory

Here goes:


Lets break this down more...

Teen dramas and Comedys must have theme songs with words to be successful. The OC has California, Smallville has Somebody Save Me, Dawson's Creek had I Don't Want to Wait, Friends had I Will Be There for You, Frasier had Salad and Scrambled eggs, The Nanny had the Nanny song, etc. Always recognizable catchy tunes associated with the show. This isn't just now either... look back at Fresh Prince, Growing Pains, Sesame Street! From a young age we can still remember the theme songs from these shows. If you are in a bar you should start FRESH PRINCE KARAOKE... the whole bar will know hte song and I am sure they will sing with you! LOL

What about Primetime Dramas.. They need a catchy song with lots of beats and no words... Look at NYPD Blue, X-Files, ER, Law & Order, Judging Amy, Crossing Jordan, CSI... catch the drift???

Now try to think of theme songs for half ass shows... like... Joey. What is the theme song for Joey? I don't know... I have watched the show but have no idea what the theme song is. I cant even think of the names of crappy shows right now to state my point. BUT... try to prove me wrong!

When it rains... it POURS!

SO the saying goes April showers bring May flowers... I think it should continue April showers bring may flowers and June weddings.

Soo.. Earlier this year I found out that my friends Kristin and Richard were getting married. They are getting married this coming June. They are the first people from my class in high school that I was and are close with to do so. We were all happy and being the first to take the plunge made for lots of gossip. I think we might have even found out about this one last year... i dont remember. Needless to say... That was #1.

THEN... A few weeks ago I found out another friend from high school is getting married who was in the same group. I heard it through the grapevine that Kristin and Jeff are now engaged to me married... from what I hear... also in JUNE! I was like OH GOD!! ANOTHER!!!! That makes two couples from high school both engaged now and both where I know both the bride and the groom. And that was #2.

WELL>>> Today I get a phone call from another friend from high school who I also hung out with in college. I thought he was going to talk about snowboarding but then he busts out the words... I HAVE NEWS! I was like oh crap.. there goes another one. YES INDEED... my buddy TJ is now also engaged to his woman Jamie. WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO? Of course I had to call everyone I knew from high school to tell them about the engagement. I probably will still find more people to tell via IM when I get the chance. TJ said he knew I would tell people so he didn't have to call every random person. Maybe someone reads my blog who knows them and will find out this way too! WHO KNOWS!

Anyways... I can't believe so many people are getting married. SOOO YOUNG. It is crazy. At times like this I thank god I am single... But then again.. I guess I need a date for all these weddings!!!

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Im conversation with Jonel at Lunch

First... What do I do while I am on my lunch break at work??? I IM and update my BLOG! How much of a dork am I???

In the midst of trying to find a blog topic Jonell IMs me and she came up with many a topic... for instance...

What is up with holiday flavors of Lattes at Starbucks??? Gingerbread Latte??? How can you really drink a cookie? REALLY! Don't you think it tastes like you were dipping a cookie in milk and then heated up the milk with the crumbs in it and added some instant coffee to it??? SOOO DISGUSTING! I do not understand the beauty of some flavors. Jonel really likes the Pepermint Mocha. Now I am fine with Pepermint... Mint is all good when it is Pepermint. BUT.... When you start using things like Spearmint in your coffee it tastes like you are drinking ans swallowing your gum. Makes me crings. Thats like having things that are bubble gum flavored. Who was raised to swallow their gum??? Then why do you want that flavor in things you eat????

Let's take this further...

How about warning labels on food. Jonel was watching The Sweatest Thing... Great movie by te way... and they two guys towards the end are eating chips and read the bag. The bag says May cause ANAL LEAKAGE! Who would put that on a product???? And lets be serious... is that the most political correct way to describe the potential effects of eating the product??? I would rather eat greasy fatty chips than any chips that say may cause ANAL LEAKAGE!!!! Further more I can believe I am even devoting part of my blog to this! Who out there ever reads the warning labels on their food???

That's like Nutrasweet... isn't that the one that causes cancer in labratory rats and they have to put that on the can of pop it is in??? At what point do they actually have to put it on the product. I mean... if it kills lab cocroaches it is ok but if it kills something in a lab that is bigger than a tennis ball then they have to publish it on the product. Is it a size differential... Bigger than a Tennis ball bad... smaller good??? Then wouldn't you think they would test it on the runts of the litter so that they would not have to taint their product with a warning label???

I really don't think my blogs I write during the day are very intersting. I much more enjoy blogs I write at 3am. I think I am much more tangental at that wee hour of the morning! I could devote a blog to things I have learned at work. Like Pay-per-click advertising. Maybe I will save that until this weekend where I can devote a whole blog to Things I learned my first week at work! That might be fun!

Kent, WA Makes National News!!!

It is not very often that our little cities in Washington make National news so why is it when they do... it always involves a TRAILER PARK????

Aparently Sunday night some dumb ass in KENT... age 24 mind you... 24 and still a dumb ass... Decided he would heat a lava lamp on the stove and KILLED HIMSELF DOING IT!!! So the story goes he was heating the lamp on the stove when it exploded and a shard of glass went into his heart and he stumbled to his bedroom and died. The police don't know why he was heating hte lamp on the stove and found no evidenc of drug or alcohol use in his system.

Isn't it obvious why he would heat it on the stove??? He wanted it to melt and the bulb was dead so obviously the next logical step would be to heat it on the stove! RIGHT..... only if you are from KENT!!! Not to dis on people who live it kent because it is a nice city. There is shopping and some stuff to do and they do have 4 high schools to choose from... BUT COME ON!

They make it a point in the story to also say that he was found in his trailer park. I was thinking... does that even need to be said? COME ON! Like any kid in a real house would do something so STUPID! Not to say that trailer park kids are a little lower on the IQ scale but really... They only lead the life they were taught!


Arrested for plotting to bomb their school so they could prove that Bush has done nothing to fend off terrorists. WHAT IS THAT ABOUT??? Who wants to bet me they are from a trailer park??? Anyone???? Going once!!! Anyways... I think the story was 2 guys and a girl... (No... it was not in a pizza place) ... had drawn maps and plotted to overtake Spanaway Lake High School. The guys were 18 and the girl 16. Doesn't that make you think that it would have happened before the end of this year??? FREAKY!!!

You know what is even weirder about things like this? I bet now in school people are voted most likely to bomb their college... OR maybe even if they vote in middle school they can be voted most likely to bomb their high school!!! That is so crazy but so realistic too. And I bet after someone being voted that because they were such a loser they might actually do it to prove the fact they could!


Holiday Commercials... Again... Yes AGAIN!

I think the best holiday commercial is the Frerrero Rocher Commercial where the people are ringing the doorbells to make a song. I think the song is Deck the halls but I am not sure. I love it. For some reason it reminds me of the Cosby show and their doorbell never working and Cliff always trying to fix it and it still never working... but then one time he fixed it and it really worked and played a song. Gotta love that Cosby Show!

OK... I commented earlier on how much the Old Navy holiday commercials SUCK! I need to continue this. I heard today that Old Navy has made 6 holiday commercials all with those damn singing children. I think I have seen 3 so far and they all need to go. What ones are there... There is the one where they are in the supermarket and they are singing in the produce section. Then there is one in the Bakery I think.. isn't that the "Hey there Katie whats up?" I think it is. I think there was another one on when the Produce one was on too. These commercials need to be stopped. It is bad that they exist but worse that they are played constantly. My brother Joe even commented he stayed home from work sick one day and say the Old Navy Commercial about 10 times. WHAT IS THAT ABOUT??? I suppose it is memorable... but it really doesn't make me want to shop there because I hate the commercial soooo much. I guess I have killed this subject to death.

On a side note... I know it is not a holiday commercial but I think the HP Photosmart Commercials are simply brilliant. If you haven't seen them you are truely missing out. They are playing a song that is about pictures... a catchy song I might add... and the people are holding picture frames up to their faces while some of the frames turn into real lifelike pictures and others stay frames.. It is very neat and I love how they do the commercial. They have a couple versions all equally good. I think it is a combination of the song with the special effects of the commercial that make it so good.

Am I missing any good commercials? I just started a new job and sad to say I am missing my TNT Primetime in the daytime. I really don't know how to go through life without my Law and Order fix.