Thursday, April 14, 2005

Amy's Road to Fame

How has this come about? Well, it is a long story... no a short story rather. I was watching the Miss USA pageant... I know it is cheesey but it is a secret love of mine... Beauty pageants that is :) Anyways... I was watching the pageant and they were asking every one in the top 5 to give one piece of advice to women around the world. Cheese I know but you gotta listen. One of the girls... I can't even remember what state she was from, but she said,

"My piece of advice is: You can be whoever you want to be, but if you want to be it, you have to start TODAY."

WOW... What a profound statement to be made from a beauty queen. I guess it really is a scholarship Contest after all! Either way, it got me thinking. What do I want to be? Well... I think it is obvious and anyone who knows me would say that I always say I want to be famous. Even though it is usually a humorous remark.. It is undeniably true. I WANT TO BE FAMOUS. The question is how? I have decided I want to act. I want to be on TV and I want to be in films. NOW.... HOW DO I GET THERE? I can be anything I want to be... But I have to start TODAY. SO I go to the Internet.

First I think of people I know who act. Well, there is Yugi at Kona Kitchen who is always in some movie or another. There are people I know from radio like John Curley and people like that... But even though I know these people, I am not the kind of person who will just go up to them and say I am going to be famous, help me get there. I am more casual about it. Maybe that is my problem. I like things to come to me. I know I have talent and I always hope people will recognize that talent and then I will be famous. Apparently, this does not happen. I KNOW.. SHOCKING THAT IT HAS TAKEN ME THIS LONG TO FIGURE THIS OUT! I have officially decided to be pro-active about this and start cashing in favors and asking people to help me.

I have heard that Seattle is becoming a great place to start an acting career, but hearing and seeing are two completely different things. This guy I work with, Paul, has a wealth of information about acting. It's random but he knows a lot of people too so we often find ourselves talking and I am always trying to think of ways to become famous. Paul said there are a lot of casting agents in Seattle and all I have to do is take some headshots and go around and meet them. Apparently, actors are known to be undependable and if I stress the fact that I am dependable, I can start growing my resume. I can sell anything so now I have to learn to sell myself.

SO, I look online and happen to run across a top casting agent here in Seattle. This Casting agent is agent to people like Jeff Probst, Rob and Amber from Survivor, John Curley, and even Yuki. I was thinking... how odd that all the people I know use this "great" casting agent. I wonder if I could go meet with him and sell him on how great I would be on TV. Wait... I need an angle and I need some headshots.

After thinking and reviewing this website I figure it out. VOICEOVERS. If I can start out doing voiceovers then I can move on to doing commercials and then full TV. I have experience doing voice work... HELLO RADIO! I knew it was good for something. Is a voiceover tape different from a radio soundcheck? This I will have to look into. EXCITING!

Then, today, Paul mentions he got an e-mail from one of his friends last night. This friend was going to be shooting a commercial here in Seattle for a technical College and needed some people to act in it. Naturally, he thought of me. He talked to his friend and his friend was very interested. HOW COOL IS THAT? This commercial will be produced by Comcast for use on Cable TV. DUDE... Can you imagine? Flipping through TNT primetime in the Daytime and all of the sudden seeing ME?????? Talk about needing a TIVO! I would be rewinding and watching myself 24 hours a day 7 days a week! I fascinate myself! LOL Anyways... I will keep writing about Amy on the road to stardom.

I am planning on taking some test headshots this weekend. I just got my hair done so I might as well give it a whirl. Start with some amateur pics and see what I can do. I am sure with the way things are going I can get some nice pics out. WOW... I am excited. More to come!!!


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