Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Spellcheck: The Necessary Evil

Ok... I try to spellcheck everything I do, send, etc. Especially at work. I do this by enabling the automatic spell check feature on my computer and e-mail. BUT. There are soo many issues with it. How about that simple, everyday words are not included in spell check!!! I work in the internet industry. Apparently, internet must be spelled with a capital I. I do not need or want it to have a capital I, but then again... Mr. Spell Check says it should so I surcome to the life. THEN.... What about the word WEBSITE. Spellcheck says NO, TWO WORDS. Who writes Web Site? I will be looked at as a moron. Internet Language says it is ONE WORK. Then we can go on from there and go to WEBPAGE, ETC. SEO, PPC, SEARCHABILITY.... All words I write on the daily basis, all words my spellcheck does not like. POO ON SPELLCHECK!


Lets talk about automatic spell correction. When I write it will automatically change the word to the correct spelling. WHAT THE HELL! I love this feature, HOWEVER, I will never learn to spell the word correctly if It never tells me I was spelling it wrong to begin with! I mean COME ON! What are we teaching our youth???

Explain this to me. Spell Check is as readily available as a Calculator. YET, in school, You can use Spell Check on anything you want, yet calculators are forbidden on many tests. THAT IS NOT RIGHT! What is life coming to?

I think spell check needs to automatically update every month with new terms related to the world. Not Dictionary terms, EVERYDAY TERMS you are likely to use and the correct spelling of them. THAT IS ALL I ASK!!!!

OH BTW.. apparently, SPELLCHECK is not a word EITHER!!!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Brother Joe's Blog About The Amazing RACE!


Anyone want to come to my birthday party?

Here's the info!


Where: Ballard - Golden Gardens Park 8498 Seaview Pl. NW,Seattle,WA
When: Saturday, March 12, 3:00pm to 11:30pm

Hey Guys! It is my birthday! The big 24! I wanted to invite you all to a picnic and BONFIRE! We are going to hang out and picnic and roast marshmallows over the campfire. All are welcome!

Pray for nice weather! Bring your friends and turn this into a big party! I said starting at 3pm but come whenever! We will probably play games on the beach and hangout and stuff!The park is open until 11:30 then those left can figure out if we want to go somewhere after. The park rules are "No Alcohol" so I take that to mean "No Alcohol that is Seen :)" I will see what kind of drinks we can make up! We are hoping it will not rain! Lets all take a minute to bless the Birthday Gods and Pray for one of these Sunny Seattle Days and Clear warm Seattle Nights...

We have been known to see them every now and again! Dress warm and Bring Blankets. If we want to be really cheesey and bring guitars and ukes and sing campsongs that is cool too! We will bring stuff for smores and some food and drink. Bring whatever you are in the mood for. Never know how warm or cold it will be and how many people will want to hang out if it is freezing! If It does look like it will rain, I will send an e-mail on friday after I check the weather and devise another plan. Friday is my actual birthday and I think I am going out then too if anyone is interested let me know!!!I do not have everyone's e-mail. If you know someone who should be on this list, please add them or invite them for me! The more the merrier!!!Some more directions:I-5 Northbound or Southbound: Take exit to 85th St and head west. Follow 85th West to dead end at the bluff. Take a right turn and go downhill . Go under the railroad tracks and arrive at the entrance of the park.


The season is ending and no one wants to go with me! Anyone still down for some quality time on the slopes? I want to go sunday but I do not know if I will be recovering from my birthday party Sat or if I will be able to go. If someone wants to go with I AM SOOO DOWN!! LET ME KNOW!


SO... needless to say, I never heard back from the APPRENTICE. What a crock. If they do not want someone like me I don't know who they want! They do not know what they are missing I tell you! There will always be another reality show out there to audition for. Actually.... Amazing Race applications are fue FRIDAY! If they extend it I would so audition. It is family so it would have to be Me, My bro Joe, My Cousin Darryn said he would do it, and then we were trying to get either his wife Lisa or my other Cousin Blaire. Neither of which are as excited about it as the rest of us. If they extend it then we would have time to apply. I have the perfect idea for an audition tape too. I will leave you in suspense. Incase I actually do use the idea!!!!

If anyone hears about any more auditions coming to town make sure you let me know!!!!