Monday, December 17, 2007

Jet Setter – Didn’t I swear I would never do this again?

Jet Setter – Didn’t I swear I would never do this again?

Current mood: tired Category: Travel and Places

7:36AM PST – Somewhere over Wyoming?

Delta Flight 1066 SEA – ATL

Departing: 6:00AM – Delayed: 6:15AM

Mileage for flight: 1500

Total Miles in Account: 100,653

Listening to: Wanted Dead or Alive – Bon Jovi

Watching: Arctic Tale – (When I say watching, I mean it is on the Giant Screen in front of me while I occasionally look up to see a polar bear or a penguin…)

Magazine: Games – I like the crosswords… they are closer to my level than the NYT.

Snack Served: Delta Airlines Snack Pack: 4 Wheat Crackers, Tomato Herb Cheese, Oreo Cookies, and Raisons

Drink: Sprite Zero

I have officially become one of those people. Ipod in the ear, Laptop on my lap, and neck pillow. Oh yes, I did say Neck pillow. For those of you I did not tell, I am on yet another mileage run. Worth it? That is yet to be determined.
I was 4000 miles short of MVP gold status on Alaska Airlines and decided it would be "Worth it" to suck it up and fly coast to coast for the day spending $200 for the last of my 4000 miles.

Being that my cohort, partner in crime, Mileage run buddy is MIA this trip, I actually have time to kill while sitting here on the plane. I was planning on sleeping since I still have yet to sleep and it is almost 8AM but the sun has risen and sleep is not on the list for this leg.

I have a 1 hour layover in ATL before heading to my eastern most point of Columbus Ohio. Once I reach Columbus, I have a 2 hour layover before heading right back to ATL where I will wait 3 hours before returning home. Plan as of now, home at 12:30AM and with no checked baggage, VICTORY! Straight to the car to head home. What a way to spend my day off…. We shall see if it ends up as smooth as that.

IPODS: My brother Joe bought me an IPOD before I went on tour and I hate to admit it, but I have never really used it to its potential. When I first got it I had problems uploading songs and never really changed the original songs that were on it. Admitedly, I am not as much of a "music Listener" as much as I am a "TV watcher". But for the sake of this trip, I thought what the heck and brought it along. With my newly uploaded songs, not half bad I must say… I am onto Maroon 5 as we speak. This is my "Workout Songs" playlist I am listening to now… maybe that is why I can't sleep… Who knows… I may just have to switch to my "Christmas Songs" playlist.


What do people really do with computers on a plane? I mean… the majority of things I do on my computer are Internet Based. Though now I am writing this blog Mid Air, I still have to wait until I land to post it.

I could be looking up jobs online but no internet.
I could be checking the Woot of the day but no internet.
I could be checking my email and IMing people but no internet.
I could be doing my event recaps but NO INTERNET.
I could be Christmas shopping online but NO INTERNET
I could be downloading new songs for my IPOD but NO ITNERNET
I could be working on my Taxes Per Diem Schedule but NO INTERNET

I am coming to the conclusion I am addicted to technology. From Cell Phone to Internet to having my computer on me at all times, what would I do without Technology?

(BTW, I am chair dancing to Maneater right now, You know you love it!)

So I am really working on my taxes… How good am I? With the work I do, I have to keep pretty good track of where I travel all year for my per Diem Write Offs and such. After the problems last Jan, I have kept a log of all the cities I have traveled to this year to make it easy. Now, I am starting a 2008 schedule because I already have some work planned for January! WHOO HOO!

BTW... I am posting this from OHIO.



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