Monday, June 04, 2007

Airplane Comfort

I would title this blog something creative like Airplane Inginuity but then again... I don't think I can spell it right so that is why I stuck with Airplane Comfort. No matter what the title, the content remains the same. For my welcome back to blogging regularly debut, I present this question:

Why are there so many advancements in Car style and comfort yet airplanes still have the same old crappy seats and tray tables?

We seem to find it easy to make airplanes bigger and faster yet with the many advancements in aviation, people tend to not care about comfort. WHY IS THIS? How many years have you flown and still sat in the same 24 ABC, DEF setup? Same crappy tray table with the cup holder ring to hold your drink. Same button you push that sometimes works to recline your seat. SAME UNCOMFORTABLE, CRAMPED PERSONAL SPACE!

I will give props to some airlines that spend the money for the new planes with digital tvs in every seat. BUT SERIOUSLY! With all of the technology advancements, why is there still not enough room to put your laptop and cup of diet coke side by side on your tray table? Do people not like a tasty cool beverage while they are getting work done on their 4 hour flight? I sure do!

One word: Tempurpedic! Would it kill you to invest another $5000 in a million dollar airplane to add Tempurpedic seats? Oh I can feel it now... I know you can too. Sinking you bottom into the soft cozy comfort of the tempurpedic, butt molding love. Reaching to your left and pushing in the end of the arm rest where, click, out pops a cupholder! Oh yes, a retractable cupholder built right into the arm rest. No need to take up space on that tray table! No need to move everything to make way for that window sitter with IBS. Oh no! You are in Luxury now!

Ponder this: Why is all of the luggage storage overhead?

Look at charter busses! They store the bags under the seats and sit the seats on the luggage hold. You would not have to lose precious room under the seat in front of you but you would not have to Lift your bag over your head to get it into the hold. Simply, slide it under the seat and then step up to your seat. Doesn't that make more sense?

Oh... After being hugely interrupted by Julia calling... I have no idea where i was going with this. I will have to write more another day about another thing...