Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Life of MVP Gold!

The Life of Gold

For those of you who don’t know the wacky world of Amy… here it goes!

I have to travel a lot for work and I also travel a lot for fun. To Maximize my travel benefits, I am a member of every frequent flyer club known to man… but, the only one that truly matters, is Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan.

For the most part, I travel on the West Coast and that mainly consists of Alaska Airlines travel. Sometimes Southwest sneaks in there but truly, I am not a fan of them not assigning seats and having to wait in a line just to try to get a good seat on the plane. Now when I travel Coast to Coast, I mainly go on Delta and Northwest, Alaska Airlines partners in order to max out my rewards. Gotta love the more bang for your buck!

Alaska Airlines operates their Mileage plan on a tier level. First tier is everyone in general who takes one flight here or there. Second tier is MVP. These people are like me. Travel a lot for work… a few coast to coast trips a year… you must accumulate 20,000 actual flight miles on Alaska Airlines or 25,000 Actual Flight Miles from the combined Partner Airlines, IE Delta, KLM, Northwest, ETC.

After my travels this year, I was MVP in August. At that point, knowing I was traveling a bit more throughout the rest of the year, I aspired for MVP GOLD! MVP Gold is the 3rd and highest tier of the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan. To Achieve this lever, you must travel 40,000 actual flight miles on Alaska Airlines or 50,000 actual flight miles on combines partner airlines… To break it down… Your butt has got to be in the seat for 50,000 miles high above the vast land we live on!

Through some good working and 2 mileage runs over the year totaling me $400 ($200 per mileage run) I have finally achieved the coveted GOLD status.

You may think I’m crazy for wasting $400 on such a status but OH NO MY FRIEND! It is well worth it!

Being that I live in Seattle where the GREAT HUB of Alaska Airlines is, I get to truly reep the rewards of the status.

Today I am headed to San Jose for work. A week ago when I logged on to check out my seats online I began with my first Perk of Gold STATUS!

PERK 1: I was upgraded to first class a week ahead and FREE!!! SCORE! Lucky me!

I get to the airport today and usually can just go to the lovely MVP/First Class line which is FABULOUS, however with the new setup Alaska has at Seatac, there was no need because there were 10 lanes open and waiting to check your bag! I checked my bag and proceeded to security where a second perk was about to arrive!

PERK 2: No waiting in Security Lines! WHOO HOO!

This is a great perk that I also got as an MVP! However, I still love it as gold!

I proceed to my gate and hangout waiting to board. When the time comes, MVP GOLD can board right along with First Class!

PERK 3: Board anytime you want!

ROCK! I don’t have to wait in a boarding line, I just go to the GOLD/First Class Side and walk right on!

Jealous yet???

So I am currently sitting in First Class – Seat 2 A as I write this… After I boarded I was greeted and given a nice bottle of water.. Oh how LOVELY! After taking off, my drink order was taken and at 10,000 feet I was served with an Ice Cold Diet Coke in a GLASS cup (No plastic in FIRST CLASS!) with ice. What more could a Diet Cokeaholic ask for? Well, maybe a straw would have been nice! But I’m not picky! ;)

With my Lovely Diet Coke, I received a nice bag of peanuts. Gotta love the snacks! After sitting for a moment the flight attendant came around with some warm, yes WARM mixed nuts! I wish my dad were here… for some reason I know he would definitely appreciate this feature!

Oh just as I was writing this, my Diet Coke became empty and the Flight Attendant was quick to offer me a refill! God love the life!

Now I don’t want it to sound like I have never been in First Class… I have… I am just now under the realization that this can be my lifestyle for the next year as MVP GOLD rather than a once in a blue moon thing!


I just had to share this great flying experience with you as I lounge in my oversized First Class chair!

If anyone wants to travel this FABULOUS service can be yours too if you travel with me!

Where shall we go? The Sky’s the LIMIT! ;) (You like that???)

Happy Travels!


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